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5-hour ENERGY® news

January 23, 2009

5-hour ENERGY® Goes Social

5-Hour Energy is proud to announce the launch of their new Web site and Social Media platforms.  The new 5HourEnergy.com aims at being a dynamic, interactive resource on the World Wide Web.   Join the fun with contests, a blog, health and safety facts, industry updates, plus much more for those curious about 5-hour ENERGY®

NOVI, MI – 5-hour ENERGY® understands the Social Media movement, and is proud to announce their venture into these exciting online avenues.  This shift into Social Media will bring about a lot of changes, and exciting opportunities for the public.  The new Web site and Social Media outlets represent 5-Hour Energy’s commitment to moving forward.  The team at 5-hour ENERGY® is looking forward to the interaction with consumers and communities that these avenues will provide. 

From a new Web site and blog to an exciting new Fan Zone, 5-hour ENERGY® has put a lot into the design and content of their new Web site.  Within the newly designed Web site, users will find:

The New 5HourEnergy.com
A new and improved 5-Hour Energy Web site launched in January 2009.  The new Web site is larger, more interactive, and more educational.  This new Web site is a “one-stop” gateway into the world of 5-hour ENERGY®   Users will find important information regarding not only 5-hour ENERGY® products, but also industry news as well as health and safety information.  The new 5-Hour Web site gives the public a place to learn about 5-hour ENERGY® products, connects with other fans, and has an insider’s look into the energy industry.

5-hour ENERGY® Fan Zone
The 5-hour ENERGY® Fan Zone is an exciting new place for those who use 5-hour ENERGY® shots to connect and use some of their smooth energy to have some fun. Always changing, the 5-hour ENERGY® Fan Zone will be home to contests, celebrity fans, and the 5-hour ENERGY® guy.   Fans will have the opportunity to submit material for contests and vote on their favorites.  The winners will win free 5-hour ENERGY® shots, and everyone will get the chance to interact with other 5-hour ENERGY® fans.

To kick off the launch of the new Web site, 5-hour ENERGY® has put together a “Name the Energy Guy Contest” to help fans win free 5-hour ENERGY®  

5-hour ENERGY® Shot Blog
The 5-hour ENERGY® Shot Blog will discuss topics that are important not only to 5-hour ENERGY® fans, but also those in the public with questions or concerns about the 5-hour ENERGY® line of products.  The comprehensive 5-hour ENERGY® Shot Blog will cover topics ranging from energy tips to industry news and 5-hour ENERGY® updates, plus much more.

5-hour ENERGY® MySpace Page
5-Hour Energy is now on MySpace!  This Social Media platform is an exciting new way for people to interact with the 5-Hour Brand.  The public can friend 5-Hour Energy on MySpace, and stay even more up to date with the brand.

5-hour ENERGY® YouTube Page
YouTube is a huge phenomenon on the web, and 5-hour ENERGY® has gotten on board.  Viewers will be able to watch videos and commercials from 5-hour ENERGY®   They will also be able to submit their own videos and connect with 5-hour ENERGY® in new and exciting ways!

From the newly redesigned Web site to the new blog and Fan Zone, 5-hour ENERGY® is excited about the launch of their new Social Media program.  Whether they are diehard fans of 5-hour ENERGY® looking to win some freebies, curious as to why the featured fans love 5-hour ENERGY® so much, or wondering about the safety of Energy shots in general, the new 5-hour ENERGY® online initiative has them covered. The team at 5-hour ENERGY® invites fans to join the 5-hour ENERGY® team online today and see what all the excitement is about!

About 5-hour ENERGY®
5-hour ENERGY® is a two-ounce energy shot that provides hours of energy, alertness and focus with no crash and no jitters. It contains a blend of B-vitamins and amino acids, zero sugar, and only four calories. It is available at retail outlets throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information, please visit: http://www.5hourenergy.com


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