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Heather Gettings Gowrie

Heather Gettings Gowrie

Mt Tutoko glacier in Fiordland, New Zealand

Heather told us, "I'm so glad I packed it for my trip to New Zealand, knowing I couldn't buy it there. Every day was packed full of activities. Having my 5-hour ENERGY each morning perked me right up, ready for the next adventure including landing on glaciers and bungee jumping for the first time!"

Though Heather's life isn't all bungee jumping and helicopter rides, she says she has a 5-hour ENERGY shot in her holster for her daily activities as well.

"Taking 5-hour ENERGY has definitely improved my energy on so many levels, from waking up faster in the mornings to having a better workout at the gym & Pilates, to staying more focused and alert at work."


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Additional Product Information

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