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Erik Armusik

EriC Armusik

Hamburg, PA

I’m a traditional painter. Sometimes I operate on extremely tight schedules with little to no sleep. In late 2009 I received a commission for 15 oil paintings for a church. On a normal schedule it would take me three weeks for one painting, but because the deadline was in less than four months I had only five days for each. For four months I slept only three hours a night and worked like a madman. I used coffee for a while, but got to the point where it didn’t help much. In fact, I was falling asleep while working. A Facebook friend recommended 5-Hour Energy and I immediately went out and bought some. I was able to work longer and completed the job on time. Today I’m a regular user of 5-Hour Energy and feel it is partly responsible for my success as an award winning painter. www.ericarmusik.com.


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Additional Product Information

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