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April 21, 2013


Kansas Race Report

Clint Bowyer Race Summary: No. 15 5-hour ENERGY Toyota driver Clint Bowyer finished fifth in Sunday’s 400-mile NASCAR Sprint Cup race at the Emporia, Kan. native’s home track of Kansas Speedway. The Michael Waltrip Racing driver started 10th and showed he was one of the fastest drivers on the 1.5-mile oval early in the race. The 5-hour ENERGY Toyota raced as high as second and never ventured out of the top 15 except during pit stops. The No. 15 crew worked to perfect the Toyota’s handling throughout the race taking only two tires nearly every pit stop. Bowyer raced sixth at the final restart and moved to fifth in the closing laps. Sunday’s finish marks Bowyer’s third top-five finish and fourth top-10 finish in 2013. Each of the three MWR Toyotas earned top-10 finishes on Sunday. The No. 15 5-hour ENERGY Toyota team returns to action Saturday night at Richmond International Raceway.

  • Started 10th and finished fifth.
  • One of the fastest cars on the track throughout race.
  • Raced as high as second and never fell out of the top 15.
  • Took two tires nearly every pit stop

BOWYER: “What do you take away from this race? “ Just momentum. We needed a turnaround after last week. Certainly you want to win it at home, but a good top-five finish is a great way to get things bounced back with our 5-hour ENERGY Toyota. Proud of (Brian) Pattie (crew chief) -- we weren’t very good in practice. The guys dug deep and leaned on all their tools and got us better. It looked like a wild race right there at the end -- wish we had been a part of it. Nonetheless, it’s exciting to see good racing here.”

Do you put extra effort into trying to win at Kansas? “You want to run well here. Not that you don’t want to run well everywhere, but you dig deep here and give it everything you’ve got because you want to win here. Our day will come. If we keep knocking down top-fives at your home track, eventually you’re going to knock into the victory lane there. Happy all three MWR (Michael Waltrip Racing) cars are in the top-10 -- another Toyota in victory lane. It’s a good day, not a great day for us. Obviously, a great day is winning, but I’ll take it.”

How treacherous was the race track? “It was slick, especially on them restarts. It’s just a product of these repaves. This race track, these hard tires -- you’ve got your hands full. I’m telling you, a couple times I about got turned around and I know a lot of people did. It’s just the nature of the beast. You have to hold on, you have to be patient, you’ve got to be conscious of what’s going on, what you’re up against and you have to play defense, but you have to play offense too and that’s where you get yourself in trouble. Sometimes playing defense when you’re car is not as good on those restarts and get yourself in trouble and sometimes when your car is better than another guy and you can be a little too offensive and get yourself in trouble too.” 

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